Fiscal Digital Signage System

Compatible with Windows© 7

Fiscal Digital Signage Player, Manager and Server are Compatible with Windows© 7.

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Fiscal Info TV System

Is a Finnish Info TV –system which is generated to present digital information and store advertising. Fiscal -system is generated with the newest .NET technique which allows the using of the latest techniques in the Fiscal Info TV –system. Fiscal Info TV –system suits excellently to commercial centers, stores, educational institutions and to other public places.


Use of Fiscal Info TV –system is really easy, you just have to choose the info or advertisements you want and add them to system’s presentation list. Fiscal Into TV –system sends the presentation to screens you have selected, which shows info or advertisements locally at the time you want.


Fiscal Info TV –system shows the most common file formats, which suits as they are to be used in the Fiscal Info TV –system.
In Info-screens picture-, video- and power-point –presentations level spares original, because Fiscal –system does not make any file conversions.
With Fiscal Info TV –system can be build many-sided Info TV –complexes starting from tiny store and ending always to nationwide commerce chains or public places.

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